Adisseo NIR Service


Raw materials’ quality is variable…

Using our PNE ensures the accuracy you desire, for your feed formulations and cost control.

As PNE ensures precision, it allows users to avoid placing high safety margins to the nutrient contents of their feed raw materials. Such problems are recurrent and very costly to feed formulators.
Here is an example that illustrates how PNE can become a major tool for Adisseo’s customers:

Through its precision and ease of use, PNE positions itself as a daily tool for feed producers. An accurate, real-time and robust service. Precise Nutrition Evaluation has what it takes to be a feed formulator’s ‘best friend’.

For your Quality Control and your Raw Material Sourcing

Thanks to its comprehensive and dynamic database, PNE allows you to better evaluate the quality of users raw material, regardless of their production sites. Adisseo’s NIR service places in their hands the confidence of high performance and quality control on your feed ingredients.

Clearly, PNE is also a good sourcing tool for every raw material and ingredients…

With PNE, the NIR service by Adisseo, users could use a great deal of functionalities through the PNE website like raw materials reports, historical, and numerous other options.